Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vancity Investment Management’s Dermot Foley recently participated in a Carbon Talks event hosted by SFU, with the David Suzuki Foundation and the Centre for International Governance.

Joining Dermot on the panel of experts was Jeff Rubin, former chief economist at CIBC, and anti-oil-sands-expansion campaigner Karen Mahon. Key discussion topics included concern around the commercial viability of the oil sands, and proposed pipelines like Energy East.

The Tyee provides good coverage of the event: .

Here's an excerpt:
"...Vancity's manager of socially responsible investment funds, Dermot Foley, pointed out that Canada's climate pledges in Paris will put even more pressure on the oil industry -- and soon.
To stay "within that 1.5 to 2 degree limit," Foley said, "means that over the next five years we're going to see emission reduction targets, regulations, and carbon taxes becoming common throughout the global economy."
"We believe climate risk is manifesting as a business risk," he added. "It's time for government to come up with a transition plan for a low-carbon economy."

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