Thursday, November 14, 2013

EIRIS interviews stock exchanges on sustainability

Following extensive interviews with 11 stock exchanges around the world, EIRIS has recommended that exchanges explore the possibilities for developing additional products that integrate and complement their sustainability initiatives.

In a recently-released paper, EIRIS says the process should include consultation with mainstream investors, in order to identify the products that would appeal most to them.

EIRIS also recommends that exchanges engage with their regulators to encourage more support for the sustainability agenda.

“Perhaps one potential roadmap to regulatory frameworks is through the introduction of the type of ‘report or explain’ rules adopted in Brazil,” EIRIS says.

The paper also suggests that exchanges develop engagement with investors in order to more clearly understand the information investors want on company sustainability.

“Stock exchanges can then use this to inform the sustainability initiatives that they develop, as well as the products and services that they provide.”

The stock exchanges were interviewed about their motivations for implementing sustainability initiatives and the challenges that they have faced in the course of implementation.

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