Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anothe female CEO

News that Virginia Rometty is slated to become the new CEO of IBM has made headlines.
'A new record has been set for female leadership: More women are slated to take the reins of Fortune 500 companies than ever before.' trumpets USA Today.
'In naming female CEO, IBM passes gender milestone' says the San Francisco Chronicle

The sad truth behind these claims is that with the addition of Rometty, a mere 17 Fortune 500 companies will be led by women.

According to a recent Catalyst report, in Canada things are no better. Twenty six of the Financial Post 500 companies are headed by women, but this includes government entities and private companies. And still, this is only 5.2%.

Last year, the Globe and Mail ran a series of articles on women and power, and concluded 'Canada is a laggard when it comes to promoting women as leaders of organizations. This should not be seen as a women’s issue, but as a matter of competitiveness and innovation. By shutting out more than half the population, Canadian companies, government agencies, businesses and institutions are robbing themselves of talent.'

You hear that, guys?

Watch these videos for advice from 10 Canadian women in power on how to get to the top.

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