Monday, May 30, 2011

SRI Monitor Weekly News Update

Major UN Global Compact and Accenture Study on Sustainability as an Engine for more here

India wants market to curb more here

Sustainable business market to hit $60bn by more here

The Energizer bunny goes more here

A turning-point we miss at our more here

CSRHUB Releases Sustainability Ratings Widget to be Hosted on the Huffington more here

Compiled with the assistance of Nick Searle


  1. In general I love the postings on this blog and their focus on SRI and ESG issues. However the above story about Energizer clearly misses the mark. Energizer has an enormous sustainability impact when it comes to extractives and toxic disposable, for them to promote people to clean parks and community service is the biggest green wash I have seen in ages. If Energizer wants to make a difference they could commit to only making rechargeable batteries or have a return box beside every shelf where they are sold so their product doesn't go around the world and end up bringing 5 hrs of life to a toy, only to go straight into the landfill and leach into the soil (let alone the waste of extracted resources ). If their batteries had deposits like cans or they committed to not use conflict minerals, now that would be news, this story has nothing to do with SRIs or even responsible reporting. It is a PR stunt in the financial post.

  2. Hi Neil, thank you for your comment. The reason we chose this story is because of the greenwashing aspect that you pointed out - that a company that makes toxic products is trying to use feel good green branding. One of the purposes of the blog is to keep people up to date on what's happening, so if someone mentions to you that that they heard that Energizer has gone green you can respond appropriately!