Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ethical Funds takes new branding approach

Vancouver-based Ethical Funds – the country’s largest provider of SRI funds – has re-branded itself, with the Northwest and Ethical Investment name changing to NEI Investments and NEI now using the term ESG (environment, social and governance) to describe its products, as opposed to sustainable or responsible investing.

“Over the past few years, the term ESG – along with "responsible investing" – has come to be owned by investment institutions who believe non-financial factors should be part of the investment strategy. Using "ESG" instead of "sustainability" or "sustainable investing" ensures there is no confusion between our work and the work of those pursuing sustainable public policy, sustainable Olympics, or sustainable cities,” the company states in its latest newsletter.

NEI adds the term ESG – already popular in the institutional investment world – seems to be gaining traction with the mainstream investment industry. “Currently, the total global assets under management claiming to incorporate ESG factors stand in excess of US$22 trillion - mostly in European pension funds.”

NEI has already had some success making its corporate engagement services available to European investors, announcing in its newsletter that the company has been placed on a preferred list of suppliers for the Swedish National Pension Funds AP 1-4.

NEI’s new website is www.NEIinvestments.com.

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  1. Doug,

    Thanks for covering this story but there is a correction to be made. "Ethical Funds" has not been re-branded NEI Investments. The Ethical Funds branded mutual funds remain as do the Northwest branded mutual funds. The company "Northwest and Ethical Investments" has been rebranded as NEI Investments.

    Thanks again.

    Bob Walker
    Vice President, ESG Services
    NEI Investments