Friday, September 11, 2009

Dexia brings SRI expertise to Canada

Dexia Asset Management, which has one of the largest SRI teams in Europe, is coming to Canada. The firm, which has $120 billion in assets under management, this week announced plans to open a new office in Toronto.

"Based on our unique approach and strong track record, we are extremely confident in our ability to provide real value to institutional investors in Canada," said Christophe Vandewiele, head of Dexia Asset Management Canada, in a statement.

"We are meeting with institutional investors across the country and many of them are indicating a keen interest in further diversifying their portfolios and obtaining foreign equity management expertise," Vandewiele said. "These institutions are becoming more acutely aware of the importance of social and responsible investing and are searching for quality investment solutions in this area."

Dexia offers more than 20 SRI funds to institutional investors in Europe.

Vandewiele added that SRI is in its "early stages of adoption" in the Canadian market, but noted Dexia's 12-year track record "building and managing a broad range of SRI funds in Europe."

"Accordingly, we are able to offer Canadian institutional investors an unparalleled level of expertise and experience incorporating SRI investments into their portfolios," he said.

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