Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SRI Canadian equity funds outperformed their conventional peers in January

RRSP season is rapidly drawing to a close, and unless you’re waiting until the very last minute, you’ve probably made your investing decisions for this year. Still, we thought it might be useful to take a quick look at the performance of SRI Canadian equity funds in the month of January.

According to data from Morningstar, SRI funds in the Canadian equity category lost an average of about 3.4% in the first month of 2009. Only one fund managed to buck the negative trend, and just barely, Acuity Social Values Canadian Equity, which was up 0.14% as of January 31. In the Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity category, Mavrix Sierra Equity bounced back, gaining 2.63% in January. The Mavrix fund has a lot of catching up to do from a dismal 2008, when it lost nearly 65%. Overall, Morningstar’s Canadian equity index (comprised of nearly 500 funds) was off 3.6% in January and the S&P/TSX Composite Index was down 3%.

Although it’s much too early in the year to draw conclusions, SRI investors can take some comfort from the fact that Canadian equity funds are slightly outperforming their peers. Next month, we’ll delve a little deeper into another SRI fund category.

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